Store Policies and Notices

All policies are posted in the store in multiple locations. Some people claim to not see them so excerpts of key policies are reposted here for your reading enjoyment.

ALLERGIES:  All products may use or have come into contact with peanuts, tree nuts, soybean derivatives, eggs, wheat gluten, milk, and other allergens.

DEPOSIT:  We require 20% deposit on a non-refundable total for all custom orders. Any order taken over the telephone without a store visit requires a 20% deposit on a credit card and will be transacted at time of order.

CANCELLATION:  One week notice required for order changes and/or cancellations. Every decorated special occasion cake is custom made just for you. We bake cake nearly every day and production is kept to a precise schedule. When an order is placed, we reserve time, production resources and staffing allocations for that order, subsequently, we may have turned away other potential business to fill your order. Wedding cake and cake delivery cancellations have separate policies that are detailed in your contract. Please refer to your contract.

REFUND:  All refunds are given as store credit. No cash refunds. All refunds will be subject to a consultation fee up to 20% of the product total and any credit processing fees incurred.

Due to the actions of a few (you know who you are) we no longer accept personal checks.

Wedding orders and orders requiring delivery must include a signed contract with specific cancellation and refund terms.

We strive to decorate the exact cake design you want. We do reserve the right to use creative license where we feel necessary in order to maintain the Cakes by Darcy brand.

We will always make a best effort to contact you for design clarification or acceptance when a design change is needed. Please do not leave a work phone number. If we attempt to call you after  5:00 pm or on a Saturday we will not be able to reach you.

Once a cake has been picked up by you or a designated party it is considered “accepted”.  Refunds requested due to decorating style, color shade choice or general decoration design will not be honored.  Artificial light and sun light will change (fade) the perception of colors, which is beyond our control.

Cake flavor and texture is subjective. Refunds requested due to flavor or texture after cake has been accepted and picked up are only offered if the product is brought back to us and the quality of the cake flavor or texture is determined not to meet our standards. Quality determination is at the discretion and sole decision of Cakes by Darcy.

We close at 2:30 on Saturdays.  Please pick up your order before 2:30 as we leave for Wedding cake deliveries. After hours pick ups will result in a minimum $30.00 service fee.

CLIENT’S RESPONSIBILITY:    All product is the customers responsibility upon leaving the store.  We recommend keeping the cake on a flat surface in the car and refrigerate it as quickly as possible.  Cake cannot be expected to hold up in extreme (driving or temperature) conditions.  We have delivered thousands of cakes and if you bring it back to be repaired, we will know the cause of the damage, and we can evaluate at that time, the cost of the repair.  Repairs cannot be guaranteed.  Depending on the extent of the damage, the original cake may not be suitable for repairs and may need to be replaced. In such instances, additional charges will apply, depending on product availability and production time.

Email Policy:

We strive to have every cake you order be exactly what you wanted. We do this by meeting with every customer face-to-face in the store so your design and color requirements are precisely documented for our cake designers and your expectations on what is possible within your budget are clear. If you have a picture of something you would like us to use as a basis we ask that you bring it in to the store for our designers to have as a reference while they make your cake.

If you are unable to meet in person, you may choose to email us. While this is not our preferred method of contact, it is still available. Colors will vary depending on digital devices and printers and may not always be an exact match on final product, which is why we encourage meeting with you in person.

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