As everything we do is custom designed and created, this is just a general guide to give you an idea of starting prices. 

Exact pricing completely depends on design elements.
See our galleries for more pictures.

Multi-tiered cakes start at $5 per serving and
single tier cakes are as follows:


Serves up to 14

Starts at $52


Serves up to 30

Starts at $105


Serves up to 45

Starts at $157


Serves up to 55

Starts at $175

The Classics: 

Examples: Start at base pricing listed above


Examples: Start at $6.50-9.50+ per serving

Specialty Themed:

Examples: Start at $10-15+  per serving


Examples: Start at $16-40+ per serving

The price ranges listed above are starting points for the styles of cakes pictured. Exact pricing will vary depending on decoration and labor involved.
The pictures above are simply a few examples to give you an idea of the pricing structure of the number/style of design elements involved in each cake.

Please fill out the contact form or give us a call for exact pricing of your desired cake. 
Thank you!