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We whole-heartedly believe that every sweet you eat should not only look amazing but taste incredible as well!  After all, a wedding cake is not just a dessert, it’s happiness for everyone, and a distinctive expression of the combined personalities of those whom we honor!  



Tiered wedding cakes start at $6.50 per serving, and include any flavor and filling combination from the Classic tasting Menu. Signature flavors are available for an additional cost.  Each tier has 4 layers of cake.Our budget-friendly Kitchen Cakes are offered along with a three-tiered cake or larger, at $4.50 per serving. These are also round 4-layered cakes, in French vanilla with your choice of Classic filling.

We want to know all the details surrounding your vision for the big day, and a cake tasting and consultation is a great place to start!  We offer this service to all of our couples by appointment. 
Tasting appointments and consultations typically last about 45 minutes, with a 50 minute limit. 

We recommend
 that wedding cake orders be placed 3-12+ months in advance, however, depending on your date and reception location, we may be able to accommodate with less notice. Call to inquire! 

Wedding-368 (1).jpg

Delivery fees vary, based on day and location of
the wedding reception. 

A box will be provided for your top tier, however
a complimentary first anniversary cake is offered
with every wedding cake purchase.  

Grooms cakes can be as simple or complex as you
can dream. Pricing varies depending on design and
serving numbers.

Just fill out the form on our contact page, to begin the
process of designing the wedding cake of your dreams!


Classic Flavors:

Complimentary cake flavors and fillings are all included on the tasting plate. There is no need to choose options from this category for tasting plates. 


Classic Cake Flavors:

  1. French Vanilla Bean Cake is a classic favorite crowd-pleaser.

  2. Devil’s Food Cake is a dark chocolate favorite.

  3. Almond Butter Cake is made with fresh almond butter & toasted almonds. 

  4. Strawberry Fields Forever Cake is made with fresh strawberry compote in the batter

  5. Lemon Drop Cake is bright & fresh, made with lemon puree in the batter.

  6. Lady in Red Velvet Cake is your classic red velvet cake, made with buttermilk.

Classic Filling Choices:

  1. Vanilla Bean Buttercream is a classic, and likely to be your overall icing choice.

  2. Chocolate Buttercream is a creamy chocolate favorite.

  3. Chocolate ganache is rich and decadent in many cake flavors!

  4. Blackjack Caramel is a true southern favorite, and great with French Vanilla, Devil’s Food or Almond Butter Cake!

  5. Sweet Cream Cheese is an all-around versatile filling!

  6. Amaretto Buttercream combines a high-quality almond extract with our traditional buttercream, and pairs well with French Vanilla, Strawberry, Devil’s Food and Almond Butter.

  7. Lemon Cream is lemon puree blended into buttercream.  Great in French Vanilla and Strawberry cake!

  8. Raspberry Compote gives a great fruit punch, made with fresh raspberries!  This fruit pairs well with several cake flavors!

  9. Strawberry Compote is a lighter fruit favorite, made with fresh fruit, and is amazing in several cake flavors, including Lemon!

  10. Blueberry Compote is particularly delicious in our Lemon cake!

Signature Flavors:

Choose 3 Cakes and 3 Fillings per couple at $15 per plate (one plate per couple is typically sufficient).  Additional flavor choices are $5 each.

Signature Cake Flavors:

  1. Orange-infused Almond is a blood orange infused almond cake containing almond butter and  toasted sliced almonds. Best paired with our vanilla buttercream or Amaretto Buttercream. 

  2. Orange-Infused Spice is our traditional spice cake with a zesty hint of orange, which is perfect with our Cream Cheese or Blood Orange buttercream.

  3. Chocolate Chip has mini chocolate chips throughout our classic French Vanilla Bean cake, and goes perfectly with our Chocolate Ganache, Strawberry Compote or Raspberry Compote. 

  4. Double Chocolate Chip is a chocolate-lovers version of the classic chocolate chip cake, and best paired with Chocolate Buttercream, Chocolate Ganache or Strawberry Compote. 

  5. Fun-fetti is the life of the party!  French Vanilla Bean Cake is loaded with a visual explosion of bright or pastel candy sprinkles!  Fill this cake with Vanilla Buttercream, Dulce Honey or Sweet Cream Cheese!

  6. Coconut Almond is toasted coconut incorporated into our classic Almond Butter Cake, and is fantastic with Chocolate Ganache, for the perfect Almond Joy!

  7. Spice Cake has the perfect blend of fall-inspired spices, and pairs well with Southern Praline, Sweet Cream cheese or Cinnamon buttercream.

  8. Toasted Coconut Cake: Sweetened toasted coconut in our classic french vanilla bean batter for just the perfect texture and tropical flavor. Pair this with Coconut Cream filling. 

  9.  Pumpkin Spice is made with pure pumpkin puree and brown sugar for the perfect fall flavor, and delicious with our Cream Cheese, or Dulce Honey filling.

  10.  Gingerbread is the perfect holiday favorite, that just tastes like Christmas, ang pairs well with Espresso Buttercream or Saigon Cinnamon Buttercream.

  11. Pecan Spice has toasted pecans added to our traditional Spice for an amazing  nutty experience.

Signature Filling Choices: 

  1. Southern Praline is a decadent filling choice combining burnt sugar caramel and toasted pecans, which is best with our Devil’s Food Cake or Spice Cake.  

  2. Classic Nutella:  Layers of the old School favorite throughout French Vanilla Bean Cake, or Devil’s Food Cake. 

  3. Cookie Butter is a creamy Biscoff cookie filling, best paired with our French Vanilla Bean Cake, Almond Butter or Spice Cake. 

  4. Coconut Cream is Toasted Coconut blended with buttercream, and pairs best with our French Vanilla Bean, Lemon Cake or Devil's Food Cake.

  5. Cookies and Cream is crushed Oreos blended into Vanilla Buttercream or Chocolate Buttercream.  Always great in French Vanilla Bean Cake, Devil’s Food Cake or Strawberry Cake!

  6. Saigon Cinnamon Buttercream it's a healthy bit of cinnamon, blended into our Vanilla Buttercream, and pairs greatly with Spice Cake, Almond Butter cake or French Vanilla Bean Cake.

  7. Dulce Honey: A honey-sweetened buttercream which is amazing in many of our cake offerings, including Almond Butter, Pumpkin Spice and Spice cake.

  8. White Chocolate Ganache is a favorite combined with our Raspberry Compote or Strawberry Compote in our French Vanilla Bean or Chocolate Chip cake.

  9. Espresso Buttercream is an amazing Coffee-infused buttercream, which is amazing in our Gingerbread or Chocolate Chip cake!

  10. Guava is a tropical fruit loved by many, and perfect in our Lemon cake, Strawberry cake or Coconut cake.

  11. Blood Orange Buttercream is fantastic in our Almond Butter cake or Lemon cake.

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